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Farmer and Mapmaker

Plan for Marblehead drawn by Alfred Ingalls, 1795

Alfred Ingalls (1765-1843) and Abigail Page (1768-1795)

Alfred Ingalls and Mary Stickney (1766-1852)

Generation Five Family 741

ALFRED INGALLS (James Ingalls4, Mary Stevens Ingalls3, Sarah Abbott Stevens2, George1), b. at Methuen, 16 Oct 1765 son of James and Mary (Frye) Ingalls; d. at Methuen, 15 Sep 1843; m. 1st, 9 Nov 1790, ABIGAIL “NABBY” PAGE, b. “of Salem, NH”1768 possibly the daughter of Daniel Page; Nabby d. 29 Nov 1795. Alfred m. 2nd, 24 Jul 1797, MARY STICKNEY, b. at Bradford, 9 Aug 1766 daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Tenney) Stickney; Mary d. at Methuen, 22 Jul 1852. Mary Stickney was first married to William Carleton.

Alfred Ingalls was a farmer in Methuen. He drew the first known map of Methuen in 1794. (1) He also drew a plan for the town of Marblehead in 1795.

As with many families, Alfred suffered tragedies and hardships. His first wife, Abigail, died at age 27 and two of his three children with Abigail died in infancy. His daughter Abigail suffered from mental illness and was unable to care for herself. Abigail lived with her mother until mother's death in 1852. Following that, she lived with her brother Joseph Frye Ingalls. Interestingly, a sampler crafted by daughter Abigail in 1811 has been offered for sale for $4,600.

In his will dated 6 December 1834, beloved wife Mary receives use and improvement on the west side of what is called the fore lot. She also receives the use of the east room, the chamber above, and the kitchen as long as Mary takes care of daughter Abigail. Mary also receives three cows, one swine, and other provisions for her support. Mary also receives one hundred dollars for her own use. Beloved son Charles receives the lot of land called Marston pasture as well as other land bequests. Part of the land adjoins land that his son James bought from Isaac Bodwell. Daughter Abigail receives four hundred dollars to be paid yearly and the use of a chamber as long as she is unmarried. After her mother's decease, Abigail is to have wood brought to her door if she is capable of living by herself. Daughter Anna Hunt receives four hundred dollars in addition to what she has received, and grandson Alfred Ingalls Hunt receives fifty dollars at age twenty-one. Son Joseph Fry Ingalls receives all the remainder of the estate. If either of his sons or daughter Abigail die without issue, their parts will be divided among the surviving children. If the money left to Abigail is not enough to support her, then Joseph F. is to pay three-fourths and son Charles is to pay one-fourth of the amount needed for her support. Son Joseph Fry Ingalls is sole executor. (2)

Alfred and Abigail had three children born at Methuen.

1. JAMES INGALLS, b. 29 Oct 1791; d. 5 Jul 1793.

2. JAMES INGALLS, b. 2 Aug 1793; d. at Methuen, 4 Sep 1828. James does not seem to have married.

3. BETTY PAGE INGALLS, b. 6 Jul 1795; d. 9 Mar 1796.

Alfred Ingalls and Mary Stickney had four children born at Methuen.

1. ABIGAIL INGALLS, b. 11 Jun 1798; d. at Methuen, 8 Nov 1857. Abigail was described as “deranged” on her death record.

2. ANNA INGALLS, b. 11 Mar 1800; d. at Tewksbury, 4 Dec 1863; m. 10 Nov 1825, Captain THOMAS HUNT, b. at Tewksbury, 8 Dec 1796 son of Timothy and Dolly (Worster) Hunt; Thomas d. at Tewksbury, 17 Dec 1886.

3. JOSEPH FRYE INGALLS, b. 27 Mar 1803; d. at Methuen, 2 Feb 1876; m. 26 Nov 1829, his third cousin once removed, PHEBE CAMPBELL FRYE (Francis Frye6, James Frye5, Elizabeth Osgood Frye4, Hannah Abbott Osgood3, George2, George1), b. at Methuen, 12 Oct 1806 daughter of Francis and Lydia (Whittier) Frye; Phebe d. at Methuen, 4 Feb 1876.

4. CHARLES INGALLS, b. 25 Apr 1808; d. at Methuen, 11 Jan 1882; m. 9 Oct 1832, MARY KIMBALL, b. at Salem, NH, 1813 daughter of John and Azubah (Austin) Kimball; (3) Mary d. at Methuen, 18 Mar 1888.


Photo credit for Abigail Ingalls sampler:

Map of Marblehaed:

1) Methuen Historical Society,

2) Massachusetts, Essex County, Probate Records; Author: Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court (Essex County); Probate Place: Essex, Massachusetts, Probate Records, Hutchingson, M-Ingalls, D, 1828-1991, accessed through

3) The names of Mary Kimball’s parents are given on her death record as John Kimball and Arubah Austin.

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