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Started in 2018 to explore descendants of George Abbott of Andover and Hannah Chandler, the scope has expanded to include other Andover families as work on genealogies continues. In addition to the six-generation compilation of the descendants of George and Hannah Abbott, there is a recent six-generation compilation of the descendants of Nicholas Holt. A compilation of the descendants of Robert Russell and Mary Marshall is slated for publication at the end of October, 2020. Work is progressing on descendants of William Ballard and Mary Marshall.

The Abbott compilation covers 1,214 complete families and the Holt genealogy covers 1,070 families. Both genealogies cover male and female lines of descent. Blog topics will be expanded to cover the work of the Holt, Russell, and Ballard lines in addition to the Abbott descendants already covered.

You can find my full tree as a public tree on Ancestry (Abbott Family Master Tree) which currently includes 76,000+ individuals. I am also providing a link to my tree on Roots Magic:

If you have any questions about the Andover families, use the "Contact" button below. See the "Books" page for currently available books.



Here is a link to my online tree which currently contains over 76,000 individuals including all those in the Abbott genealogy.

6 generations

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