This page is dedicated to exploring the descendants of George Abbott of Andover and Hannah Chandler. The plan is to regularly provide information on complete family units. I have identified 1,214 families through the first five generations of descendants of George Abbott and Hannah Chandler. The first 288 families (generations one through four and including all the generation five children and their spouses) are included in a book available on Amazon (The Descendants of George Abbott of Andover and Hannah Chandler), and now completed is The Descendants of George Abbott and Hannah Chandler Through Six Generations that includes all 1214 families. The "Six Generations" book includes the children through the sixth generation and their spouses. The regular "blogs" here will focus on those families comprising the fifth and sixth generations. These family histories will not be in any particular order, but I hope to focus on those families that have been little covered previously.

The families included follow both the male and female lines of descent and this new compilation provides more complete coverage than has been provided in prior published genealogies. The families covered can be seen in the file titled Generations 1-4. There is also a file for the Generation 5 families. A separate file contains the full list of descendants to the sixth generation. This file is complete through five generations and most sixth generation individuals are included. This file will be updated periodically.

If you have questions or if you have a family from Generation Five that you would like to see covered in the blog, let me know. Just use the "contact" link below.

If you are interested in either of the books, click the "book" buttons below.

Here is a link to my online tree which currently contains over 60,000 individuals including all those in the Abbott genealogy.

6 generations

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