Published May 2019, this new compilation covers the complete first six generations of the descendants of George Abbott and Hannah Chandler. As with the earlier book, this volume follows both the male and female lines of descent and includes coverage of more than 1,200 complete families. All the information from the first book is included in this volume so there is coverage from Generation One to Generation Six. One small trade-off for having the complete work in one volume is smaller font size than the first volume, but still very readable. Footnotes, references, and name index are included. The book is available for purchase on Amazon. Click below for the book.

A genealogical compilation of all the families through the fourth generation (including all the children and their spouses in the fifth generation) is now available on Amazon. This compilation expands on previously published genealogies for the Abbott of Andover line adding detail and providing some corrections. This compilation also includes the female lines of descent for a total of 288 complete families. Footnotes, references, and a name index are included. The format is easy to read -- no magnifying glass is required. Click below for the book.

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