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Identifying a New Descendant

Sarah Foster (1750-1825) and Timothy Bradley (1743-1811)

Generation Five Family 306

Birth records and published genealogies identify just eight children for Sarah and Timothy Bradley. But the wills of Sarah and Timothy identify a ninth child, daughter Anna, which leads to the interesting story of George Bradley Hedge.

SARAH FOSTER (Elizabeth Abbot Foster4, John3, John2, George1), b. at Andover, 15 Feb 1749/50 daughter of Asa and Elizabeth (Abbot) Foster; d. at Concord, NH, 8 Feb 1825 (1); m. at Andover, 23 Dec 1773, TIMOTHY BRADLEY b. at Rumford, 30 Oct 1743 son of Timothy and Abijah (Stevens) Bradley; Timothy d. 31 Jul 1811 at Concord (will 27 May 1811).

In his will dated 27 May 1811 (probate 27 August 1811), Timothy Bradley bequeaths to beloved wife Sarah all the household items and a horse and chaise. The exception is the clock which she has use of during her lifetime but goes to son Timothy after her death. There are other specific provisions made for her care and support. Her continued use of the house during her widowhood is subject to the continued maintenance of their three unmarried daughters Elizabeth, Abiah, and Anna. Beloved daughter Elizabeth is to have a good, decent maintenance provided by the income of half the farm which is not otherwise deeded and to receive $100 at the time of her marriage. The heirs of his daughter Sarah Eastman recently deceased receive $6 to be divided equally among them. Daughter Abiah has provisions for her maintenance and will receive $80 at her marriage. Beloved daughter Hannah Peters Robinson receives $10. Beloved son Foster Bradley receives $100 and all the wearing apparel. Beloved son Abiel Bradley receives $500 to be paid out over several years. Beloved daughter Anna is to be provided a decent maintenance in the same way as her sisters and $80 at the time of her marriage. Beloved son Timothy Bradley, in addition to what has already been deeded to him, will receive one-half of the home farm after the decease of his mother as well as all the stock animals. This is contingent on the continued maintenance of his unmarried sisters. Timothy is the sole executor. (2)

In her will written 8 February 1825, Sarah Bradley leaves $1 to each of her three sons Timothy, Foster, and Abiel. Daughter Elizabeth Bradley receives the largest silver tea spoons and other listed household items. Daughter Abiah receives feather beds and a silver tablespoon. Daughter Nancy Hedge receives her gold necklace. Granddaughter Sarah Eastman receives one silver tablespoon as does granddaughter Sarah Robertson. Daughter Hannah Peters Robertson receives her black silk gown. The rest of the estate is divided among her four daughters and the heirs of daughter Sarah, each receiving an equal part with the heirs of Sarah receiving one part. Daughters Elizabeth and Abiah also receive one cow and four sheep. Daughter Elizabeth is named sole executrix of the estate. (3)

Daughter Anna “Nancy” Bradley married George T. Hedge in 1818. Nancy had two children before her early death. One of these children, George Bradley Hedge, is the subject of a biographical sketch in the Commemorative and Biographical Record of Wood County. (4) George T. Hedge was the son of a whaler who was lost at sea in a voyage from Maine. George T. Hedge married Nancy Bradley described as “of New Hampshire.” George and Nancy had two children, George Bradley Hedge and Mary Noble Hedge. The biography of George Bradley Hedge in the Commemorative Record reports that young George at just seven years old was sent off to work on the farm of Asa Bradley. Asa Bradley relocated to Medina, Ohio taking George with him. George lost all contact with his father until he was a young adult. He saw a newspaper article about a Mr. Hedge being appointed the keeper of the State arsenal in Portland, Maine. After writing Mr. Hedge, George discovered that this was indeed his father and George traveled to Maine and spent some time with his father. George returned to Medina County, but then left to establish himself, finally settling in Wood County.

Timothy and Sarah Bradley had nine children. Eight of the births are recorded at Concord. There is not a birth record for the youngest daughter Anna/Nancy, but the wills of Timothy and Sarah allow for her identification and the identification of her husband.

1. ELIZABETH BRADLEY, b. 9 Jan 1775. Elizabeth does not seem to have married as she was unmarried at the time of her mother’s will in 1825. A death record was not located.

2. ASA BRADLEY, b. 13 Dec 1776; d. 25 Jul 1778.

3. SARAH BRADLEY, b. 25 Apr 1779; d. at Concord, 7 Dec 1809; m. 27 Nov 1798, CHARLES EASTMAN, b. at Concord, 11 Dec 1774 son of Moses and Lucretia (Tyler) Eastman; Charles d. at Concord, 26 Sep 1847. After Sarah’s death, Charles married Persis Chamberlain in 1813.

4. ABIAH BRADLEY, b. 7 Aug 1781; d. at Concord, 1827. Abiah did not marry.

5. HANNAH PETERS BRADLEY, b. 1 Jan 1784; d. at St. Albans, ME, 16 Jul 1872; m. at Concord, 10 Jan 1809, ISAAC O. ROBERTSON, b. about 1782; Isaac d. at St. Albans, 31 Aug 1854.

6. TIMOTHY BRADLEY, b. 24 Jan 1786; d. at Canterbury, 20 Dec 1837; m. 5 Dec 1810, ANNA “NANCY” MORRILL, b. at Canterbury, 23 Feb 1792 daughter of Laban and Sarah (Ames) Morrill; Anna d. at Canterbury, 6 Feb 1854.

7. FOSTER BRADLEY, b. 3 May 1788; d. at Topsham, ME, 10 Jul 1873; m. 1st, at Chelmsford, 10 Feb 1810, PHEBE STEVENS, b. at Chelmsford, 28 Feb 1792 daughter of Sampson and Phebe (Barker) Stevens; Phebe d. at Brunswick, ME, 14 Sep 1821. Foster m. 2nd, 6 Feb 1822, MARY MALLETT, b. about 1794 and d. at Topsham in 1879.

8. ABIEL FOSTER BRADLEY, b. 6 May 1790; d. at Columbus, OH, 16 Sep 1870; m. 1st, 6 Feb 1816, NANCY CURRY, b. at Canterbury, 2 Oct 1791 daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Blanchard) Curry; Nancy d. at Canterbury, 23 May 1851. After Nancy’s death, Abiel married the widow Ruth Leavitt. After Ruth’s death, Abiel went to Ohio and lived with his son Charles.

9. ANNA “NANCY” BRADLEY, b. about 1792; d. between 1825 and 1835 (5); m. at Concord, Dec 1818, GEORGE T. HEDGE, b. in Massachusetts about 1795 possibly the son of Elisha Hedge; George d. at Portland, ME, 10 Jan 1865. After Nancy’s death, George m. Dorcas Judge.


1) Published sources give Sarah’s date of death as 7 Feb 1825 but the date on her will is 8 Feb 1825.

2) New Hampshire Wills and Probate Records 1643-1982, Will and Probate of Timothy Bradley, Rockingham, 27 Aug 1811, Case number 8442.

3) New Hampshire Wills and Probate Records 1643-1982, Will of Sarah Bradley, Rockingham, 8 Feb 1825.

4) Commemorative and Biographical Record of Wood County, pp 974-975.

5) Nancy was living in 1825 when her mother wrote her will. George married his second wife in 1835.

Family sheet for Timothy Bradley and Sarah Foster:

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