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A Family Dies Young

USS Constellation

Samuel Abbott (1760-1792) and Mary Cutts (1763-1796)

Generation Five Family 524

SAMUEL ABBOTT (George4, George3, George2, George1), b. at Andover, 19 Sep 1760 son of George and Hannah (Lovejoy) Abbott; d. at Saco, ME, 8 May 1792; m. 24 Jun 1788, MARY CUTTS, b. at Saco, 19 Jul 1763 daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Scammon) Cutts; Mary d. 27 Mar 1796. (1)

Little is known about this family. Samuel was born in Andover He received a bachelor of arts degree from Harvard in 1784. He relocated to Saco, Maine where he married. Samuel and Mary had two children before both died at young ages. Their two sons also died in young adulthood prior to marrying. Captain Samuel Phillips Abbott died by drowning at New London, Connecticut. (2) Thomas Cutts Abbott was a midshipman aboard the USS Constellation when he died aboard ship (cause not given). (3) At the time of his death, the Constellation was returning from service in the Second Barbary War.

The frigate Constellation was first launched 7 September 1797. The ship first saw battle off Nevis, West Indies in 1799. The ship also saw duty in the War of 1812 and the First Barbary War. It was during the period of the Second Barbary War that midshipman Thomas Cutts Abbott would have served on the ship. The ship sailed from New York on 20 May 1815 and participated in the capture of the Algerian frigate Mashuda. (4) The Constellation returned to Hampton Roads in December 1817 and it was during this time that Thomas Abbott died on ship.

1. SAMUEL PHILLIPS ABBOTT, b. at Saco about 1788; d. at New London, CT, 27 Jan 1813.

2. THOMAS CUTTS ABBOTT, b. at Saco about 1789; d. aboard the USS Constellation, 13 Dec 1817.


Photo credit: Painting by Rear Admiral John W. Schmidt (Ret.) (John William Schmidt, 1906-1981) from Navy History and Heritage Command, National Archive ID# 428-KN-2882., Public Domain,

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