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Ffyske and Norse Origins

Lord Symond Ffyske (ca1399-1464) and Lady Susannah Smyth Ffyske (ca1404-ca1433)

John Fiske (1574-1633) and Anne Lantersee Lawter (1582-1637)

Parents of William Fiske (1618-1654)

My Fiske ancestors descend from the landed gentry of Suffolk, England. Although this line can be traced to the 13th century, the family manor is dated to the 15th century and Lord Symond Ffyske. The Fiske family is an old English family and the name derives from the Norse name Fiskr.  The legend is that the Fiskrs arrived with the invading forces of Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway at the Battle of Maldon on the Blackwater River in Essex in 991 A.D.  We are perhaps directly descended from Daniel Fisc who received a land grant in a document issued by King John in 1208. Lord Symond Ffyske and Lady Susannah Smyth Fiske were of the Manor of Stadhaugh in Laxfield, Suffolk, England (the manor is pictured).

My immigrant ancestor from this line is my 10th great-grandmother Anne Lantersee Lawter who was born about 1582 in Suffolk England, the daughter of Robert Lantersee Lawter and Mary Ffyske.  She married her second cousin John Fiske who was the son of William Fiske and Anna Anstye/Austye. John and Anne had six children.  Anne’s husband John died in 1633 in South Elham, Suffolk, England. 

In 1637, Anne sailed from England accompanying her sons John and William, and her daughter Anne and her husband Francis Chickering.  However, Anne Lantersee Lawter died during the trip and was buried at sea. Anne and John’s son William is our ancestor. William was born at South Elham, Suffolk 18 March 1618. William first settled in Salem where he married Bridgett Muskett about 1643. William and Bridgett later moved to Wenham.


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The family group sheet for John Fiske and Anne Lantersee Lawter can be seen here:


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