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Letters from Home

Elizabeth Holt was a fifth-generation descendant of George Abbott and Hannah Chandler and a fifth-generation descendant of Nicholas and Elizabeth Holt. Born in 1748, she married Isaac Frye also of Andover and born in 1748. Isaac and Elizabeth settled in Wilton, New Hampshire soon after their marriage. Together they would have ten children.

Isaac Frye provided distinguished service during the Revolution. A few days after the Battle of Lexington, Isaac Frye enlisted in the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment of Colonel Reed. On 4 March 1776, he was charged with raising a Company of Colonel Scammel’s Regiment. He was appointed Captain in the 3rd New York Regiment. He was appointed muster master 5 April 1782. He achieved the rank of Major in 1783. ( Stearns, Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, p 908)


Elizabeth and Isaac corresponded while he was at war, and some of Elizabeth’s letters to Isaac survive. On 7 October 1776 (pictured above), she wrote the following: “Loveing Husband after my love to you I would inform you that through the goodness of God we are all well at this time. Blessed be God for it I have had a letter from you dated September 18 which gave me joy.” She goes on to detail the items she is sending to him with the bearer of the letter which included two pounds of butter and ginger. She also expresses her hope to see him before the next season, although she does not want him to neglect his duty.


Elizabeth wrote to her “dear and affectionate husband” from Wilton on 22 July 1781 (pictured below). “I can express my love to you in no better terms than by informing you that I esteem it as one of the choicest of temporal blessings that I have this day been favoured with your letters of the 13 and 14 instant informing me of your welfare.” She continues “I congratulate you on your late victory and the additional force by the arrival of the French army to joyn, an account of which I received in your letter.” Elizabeth goes on to share news of the farm and the progress in school of their two youngest sons. She ends with “my care for you is at this time exceedingly great but hope that through the smiles of kind Providence, you will after your important service in the Army in the campaign crowned with compleat victory – be returned to enjoy domestick bliss with your truly affectionate and loving wife Elisabeth Frye.”

Family sheet for Isaac Frye and Elizabeth Holt:


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