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Abbott, Wisconsin

The 1850 Census Sheet of Abbott, Wisconsin

The name Abbott, Wisconsin was short-lived existing from 1850 to 1865 when the name became Sherman, Wisconsin. The town was named for the early Abbott settlers there. But the Abbotts were Confederate sympathizers, and at the end of the war the town was renamed for William Tecumseh Sherman.

Reuben Abbott (1797-8169) and Tryphena Abbott (1795-1874) are parents in a sixth-generation family of descendants of George and Hannah Abbott. Tryphena (Caleb5, William4, Caleb3, William2, George1) was born 9 June 1795 daughter of Caleb and Hannah (Wheat) Abbott. She married Reuben Abbott at Albany, New York on 1 September 1818. Reuben Abbott is a descendant of the George Abbott of Rowley line. Reuben was born at Cambridge, New York 9 July 1797 son of Adna and Anna (Gurley) Abbott. Reuben and Tryphena were parents of six children born in New York. Reuben was trained in leather trades including tanner, currier, and shoemaker.

After the births of their children, the family headed west, first settling in Sheridan, Michigan where the arrived in August 1831. Reuben built a log shanty from which he operated a tavern for eight years. He was also an active trader. While living in Sheridan, Reuben served as road commissioner and justice of the peace. In 1845, Reuben, Tryphena, and the younger children went to Illinois where they remained about two years before heading to Sheboygan County, Wisconsin to the area that would be named Abbott. In 1850, the value of his real estate in Abbott was $1,000. In 1856, Reuben received a further land grant in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin and in 1860 the value of his real estate was $2,500.

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