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What's new? Holt genealogy in the works

Holt Farm in Andover

Those of you who visit this site may have noticed an absence of recent blogs. I have been hard at work on a new genealogy (actually three are planned) with the one furthest along being a new compilation of the descendants of Nicholas Holt of Andover (another one of my ancestors). I was working on (and will still finish) a compilation of the descendants of Robert Russell and Mary Marshall. However, the Russell descendants include many Holts and I was finding the published information on the Holts lacking in some respects. I was reluctant to take on the Holt compilation, but it is coming along better than I hoped. If all goes well, it will be available in the summer. It will cover both the male and female lines of descent to the sixth generation.

If I get a little better at allotting my time across activities instead of being over-focused on one, I will resume the Abbott descendant blogs very soon -- and hopefully more regularly.

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